Crop circle clusters, natural art, and gall wasp ink

This post contains some scans and short extracts from Stoneprint Journal 2, November 2017 (themed on Crop circles as natural artworks). Below is also an article on the Milk Hill gall wasp crop formation, oak gall ink, writing, and archetypal meaning.


What is archaeo astronomy?

Practitioners, academics, three professional bodies, conferences, researchers and popular authors, use different data, methods and definitions in archaeo astronomy. All agree that cosmology and calendars are part of culture, and culture is the larger part of this inter-disciplinary science. Here is an introduction to some people and approaches, to answer: What is archaeo astronomy?

Homo Naledi bones rattle evolutionary paradigm

From the bottom of a cave west of Johannesburg, two forms of life are rising from obscurity: Homo Naledi, a puzzling ape; and a new breed of ‘rock star’ palaeo-anthropologist. The potential ‘new species’ could change the evolutionary ‘tree’, or could be just another ape without tools or culture. The eventual results have potential implications for the study of culture.

Pictish beasts zodiac?

A recurrent but variant set of about 28 Pictish beasts and 16 signs, are carved on 400 stones in north-eastern Scotland. The characters have been interpreted as totems, names, pictograms, letters, myths, days, hours, months or constellations. Structural analysis of the designs on 20 Pictish stones, reveal them as subconscious expressions of the sixteen archetypes.

Stoneprint Journal invites archaeo astronomers

Stoneprint Journal is a popular, illustrated archaeo astronomy magazine. Each edition focuses on an ancient site, culture, kind of artefact, or article by a contributor. The publication includes historic, ethnographic, structural, anthropological, psychological and archetypal approaches to myth, calendar, cosmology, ritual, art and building sites. For the context of multi-disciplinary approaches to the cultural record, see Contribute articles via edmondfurter at gmaill dot com