The culture code in seals and ring stamps

The Pylos Combat agate seal jewel illustrates a mythic and legendary battle, and incidentally expresses the five layers of subconscious cultural structure. This edition demonstrates how 50 seals, stamps and miniature artworks, from Sumeria, Babylonia, Egypt, India, Syria, Greece and modern times, express the identical ‘DNA’ and ‘grammar’ of culture, rooted in perception and nature. Structuralist analyses offer glimpses, through replicated myth cycles of supposedly different cultures, into the structure of culture, of nature, and of archetype itself. Looking for ‘constellation characters’ in artworks misleads many authors into shallow correspondence theory that under-estimates culture, human nature, and nature.


Pictish beasts zodiac?

A recurrent but variant set of about 28 Pictish beasts and 16 signs, are carved on 400 stones in north-eastern Scotland. The characters have been interpreted as totems, names, pictograms, letters, myths, days, hours, months or constellations. Structural analysis of the designs on 20 Pictish stones, reveal them as subconscious expressions of the sixteen archetypes.